Cooking is such an important life skill. It’s a basic skill and you don’t need to be a chef to do it. A few ingredients can turn into a healthy tasty meal for the family. Getting kids involved in the process is not only educational but a fun and engaging exercise to do with them.

Wouldn’t you rather when your kids coming home from school they reach for the fresh ingredients from the fridge rather than heading straight for the packaged processed foods in the pantry?

Kids who have the skills to cook not only looks impressive to their peers but gives them independence in life. There is nothing worse than a kid growing up and leaving home without cooking skills when all their life they have had their parents cooking for them. They mostly end up living off frozen meals, packaged products and unhealthy fast foods and this could lead to their risk of becoming overweight and obese in adulthood.

Instilling cooking skills in kids from a young age is imperative. Why leave your child in the high chair or keep them perched in front of the TV when they could be gaining important life skills by your side in the kitchen?

If your child is younger than three, get them to wash the veggies or do some stirring, ages three to six can chop with a plastic knife, crack eggs, while ages 6 and older can peel veggies, chop with a real knife and even help out at the stove.

It’s normal if they don’t want to be there and would prefer to be somewhere else, but don’t give up. Starts encouraging them now, make it a fun exercise and you may reap the benefit of your child taking over dinner one day a week.

Here are five reasons why you should be cooking with your kids no matter their age:

  1. Children who cook become adventurous tasters and eaters.
    Involve your kids in the process of cooking, get them to choose ingredients and they will learn in the process how to put flavours together. They will build an appreciation for them and will increase their chances of being curious to try new foods. They may learn they don’t like one food but prefer another and that’s ok. An open-minded approach to food can grow adults who approach life similarly. Arms open and mouth wide to new tastes, cultures and attitudes.
  2. Children who cook say “I can”.
    Adding food to a sizzling hot pan or cooking for 10 or more people may be daunting for some, but for those who have the skills and knowledge, this is a very doable task. Your kid’s “I can” attitude will spread beyond the kitchen walls and into their life, giving them confidence and encouragement that they can do whatever they set out to do.
  3. Cooking is a way to talk about health.
    The rise in childhood obesity has coincided with a fall in home cooking. Getting your child involved in cooking, teaches them the importance of cooking healthy food from scratch from a young age. It also is an opportunity for you to discuss with your child about what foods your body needs to stay healthy for long, such as how fish is brain food, how milk is good for strong bones and how eating a rainbow of fresh foods will ensure they get a variety of minerals and vitamins.
  4. Cooking is a way to talk about healthy ingredients.
    Get your kids involved in the cooking process from the very beginning. Take them to the supermarket with you and get them choosing fresh ingredients, talk to them about the possibility of meals you could make together with these. If your buying packaged products, tell them you are looking for products with ingredients that you can pronounce on the back of the packet. You will be surprised about how much they can get out of one trip to the supermarket.
  5. Cooking brings the family together.
    The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a place where you can all get together, chat while you cook, learn more about each other, become closer and share stories, maybe even laugh over some spilt milk. You can share recipes your mother learnt from her grandmother and so on, passing on traditions. You can get creative and experiment with new flavours, techniques and recipes as they become more and more confident in the kitchen.

    By Leah


5 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Be Cooking With Your Kids

  1. My dad used to always have me help in the kitchen growing up. I cooked with the stove at 7! (Standing on a chair and having plenty of guidance of course.) But it definitely shaped who I am today and am so thankful to my dad for helping me develop these skills at such a young age. Great post.

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    1. Thanks so much Wandergluttony! What a lucky little glutton you were to get such a hands on cooking experience from such a young age. You’re dad sounds like super dad 🙂 Cooking with your parents, grandparents and/or siblings is not only an incredible bonding experience, your right, it truly does shape your foodie adventure. I don’t know where i’d be if i didn’t have cooking skills… Please pop by Kids Cooking healthy again. All the best, Leah.

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  2. Hey! I love your campaign! My cause is about keeping children outdoors and active in order to develop important life skills. In a way our campaigns have similar core values – keeping children healthy!

    Cooking has always been an important outlet in my life and I think it’s great that you’re dedicating your time to encouraging parents/grandparents to get in the kitchen with their kids/grandkids and teaching them those all important life skills.

    If you wouldn’t mind hopping over to my blog to share the love that’d be super! Goodluck with everything!



    1. Hi Nyssa,

      Thanks so much for taking your time to hop on Kids Cooking Healthy. Your so right, our causes go hand in hand! It is such a multifaceted issue that one person can’t cover everything! It’s so great you are encouraging physical activity, it’s tough these days with so many screens around us! It’s great to hear you are are confident cook 🙂 i am sure you grateful for the kitchen experiences you had when you were a youngster. Hopefully together we can spread the important message about healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

      Of course. Heading there now!
      Thanks again,


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